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Sunday, April 05, 2009



too funny...i'm with you with the weird questions kids ask. My kindergarten asked how babies get into the belly.Try answering that one with not too many words and depth.I'm beginning to think there must be a book out there to be able to aswer these questions.
I too have a 2nd grader who informed me and my 5yr old that babies get cut from your belly (like me-c-section scar)which i was so lucky to have that scar to explain such an easy story (then) some 9yr old friend told my 7yr old they also come form the vjj (as Oprah calls it) i changed the subject,wasn't ready for that one ...good luck with yours
come check out my blog,i'm real new,i'm following you though

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Hahaha...this conversation is quite entertaining. Keep posting more like this one.

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